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FlipServe’s Vision is to create a world in which everyone has access to transparent IT Solutions & Services provided by world class delivery association
Absolute Transparency
Simplify access to IT services
Track progress & monitor what you’re paying for
Get faster & more transparent results
Global Citizenship
Become a FlipServe associate with our cloud certification
Work on a globally connected, secure platform
Fulfill outcome-based services in the gig economy
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Everything We Do Fulfills Our Promise of Creating Transparency & Unprecedented Clarity in the IT Industry

FlipServe is a transparent and secure platform that connects experienced Cloud Professionals to customers seeking effective outcome-based services

Unparalleled Flexibility

Our IaaS Cloud Services Platform is built on the principles of openess and clarity.

Our Cloud customers are able to monitor and oversee the entire IT process having access to timeline, checkpoints and benchmarks.

Our managed cloud service provides an easy configuration process and takes away the challenge in managing your cloud resources.

Flexible Service Offering

We provide organizations services that allow them to offload their IT operations allowing their teams to focus on what is important.

Our service packages offer flexibility by providing varying levels of support to meet customer’s business requirements.

With simple but effective packages we offer flexibility to meet each user's differing needs.

Zero Obligations

We simplify access to public cloud services. Unlike other Cloud and IT managed services providers we do not insist on multi year binding contracts.

There are no rigid arrangements. We aim to exceed customer expectations and gain their trust instead of locking them in with contracts.

No binding contracts, no rigid arrangements. Only pay for what you need and cancel any time.

We help our customers with

Cloud Migration
Cloud Provisioning
Cloud Backup & Restore
Business Continuity
(HA & DR)
Cloud Cost & Resource Optimization
Identity & Security Management
Packaging & Delivering (Applications)
Serverless & Containers Services
Cloud Orchestration (Automation)

We are Transforming the Cloud Industry through a Holistic, Transparent & Outcome-Based Platform

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Some special quotes from awesome people

I'm extremely satisfied with the depth of technology expertise made available to us from this team
-Sri Pomalapally
Security Technical Services Manager, SAP Basis Security and Development - AMGEN
The technology team's work ethics, reasoning ability, and theur depth and breadth of technical skills to be among their greatest strengths, along with their flexibility to remain responsive at very competitive pricing. I highly recommend this team.
-Caldwell Velnambi
CEO President, ERP Logic Inc.
Our experience with this team has been exceptional. They have helped us realize a vastly improved return on investments with our VBlock and HANA deployments.

They have demonstrated committment to professionalism and bring a breadth of technical knowledge and skills. I would definitely recommend this team to partner in any engagments relating to converged infrastructre, SAN, Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability
-Michael Moore
IT Director, TransAlta Corp.

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